Mudrex App Referral Code “O0IN9L24” | Invest in Bitcoin & Crypto

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Mudrex App Referral Code: Invest in cryptocurrency easily with coin sets and curated crypto portfolios.

Welcome to Mudrex – the easiest way to invest in crypto. with 100,000+ investors from over 100 countries. $2 assets under management.

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With $3B+ in trade volume, mudrex is one of the fastest-growing crypto investing platforms.

Mudrex App Referral Code

The Mudrex app allows you to build and buy crypto portfolios by instantly investing in custom crypto baskets and curated cryptocurrency portfolios.

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Mudrex App Referral Code O0IN9L24
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Coin Sets

It’s a Secure Way to Get Diversified Exposure to Crypto. Invest in baskets of crypto that help you achieve superior returns with logic and automation.

Bitcoin dominance as of 2023 stands at 40% of the total cryptocurrency market.

People invest most of their money in Bitcoin because it is a comparatively stable and established cryptocurrency.

However, the higher upside lies in smaller tokens that are currently undervalued.

Coin Sets enable you to identify such investment opportunities and build a diversified portfolio.

Mudrex App Referral Code

Theme-based crypto baskets

  • Invest systematically in themes you like
  • Diversify for risk management
  • Passively re-balanced to keep your investments updated.
Key Features of Coin sets

– Invest in emerging projects without the need to always be on the lookout.

– Save time in research. It’s easier to evaluate themes than tokens.

– Humans, not robots. Get personalized investment assistance.

– Optimize risk with a consistent and diversified exposure.

– Emotions often lead to irrational investment decisions, Mudrex help you avoid that.

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To know more about Coin Sets, Click here.

How to get started with Coin Sets?

Step 01.

Create an account.

Free to sign up. Fill your personal details.

Step 02.

Browse Coin Sets

Review the 20+ Coin Sets offered and decide where you want to invest!

Step 03.

Invest and let Mudrex take care of the rest.

Track the performance of your investments while they are managed automatically based on the pre-defined rules….

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Regular savings account offers you an interest rate up to 5%. However, it isn’t enough for you to keep up with inflation.

Vault leverages the crypto market opportunities like staking, arbitrage, automatic market making to help you generate 10% returns and battle inflation.

  • Earn upto 10% interest with Vault.



Key Features of Vault by Mudrex
  • Beat inflation with upto 10% APY.
  • No lock-in. Withdraw anytime.
  • Interest credited daily.
  • Industry leading insurance and fund protection
  • Support for Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank
  • Transfer and Crypto deposits
  • Lowest fee for most currencies
  • Direct Investments to and from your bank
How Does Vault Work?

Mudrex App Referral Code

When you deposit in Vault, we convert your local currency into a US dollar-pegged stablecoin like USDT.

These stablecoins are then used on decentralized platforms like Uniswap for staking, lending, providing liquidity, etc to generate returns.

On top of that, if you invest in a currency depreciating against the dollar, you make more than the promised 10%. For e.g., If the USD Vs Euro rate increases by 5%, you get an additional return of 5% on the standard Vault returns.

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Invest in tokens systematically.

  • Deep dive before you invest.
  • Tools to invest regularly and manage risk.
  • 350+ tokens to invest.

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