Fello App Referral Code: Earn 10% returns! Win ₹1 Crore!

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Fello App Referral Code: Fello is India’s first game-based savings app.

You can grow your money and earn weekly rewards just by saving in secure assets!

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Fello App Referral Code

Fello App Referral Code

Fello App Referral Code is 2008G7

Start referring your friend and you can earn up to Rs. 200 per referral.

Actually, when you refer the fello app to a friend and a friend joins the fello app using your referral code.

You will earn a scratch card which can give you you an iPad also

How Fello Works

Save in Secure Assets

Your savings grow by 10% p.a. by investing in Digital Gold and Fello Flo.

You get Fello Tokens for every rupee saved.

Earn a weekly tambola ticket every week for every ₹500 saved!

Fello App Referral Code

Play Games

Fello App Referral Code

Play the big weekly Tambola with your tickets and many other fun games with Fello Tokens!

Let me take you through how Tambola works.

Tambola is a very simple game where each ticket has 15 numbers across three rows.

Every day on the Fello application, we randomly pick three numbers at 6 PM and within a week, we’d have picked 21 numbers.

If any of these 21 numbers match with the 15 numbers in your ticket, then the ₹1 Crore is all yours.

You can invite your friends and play along with them too.

Win Rewards

Fello App Referral Code

Top the leaderboard and win rewards!

If all your Tambola numbers match with the weekly draws, you get to win ₹1,00,000! Didn’t win? Don’t worry!

Your savings still grow by 10%. Save more to play more and win more.

Fello App Sign Up Process

1. Download and install the app from the given link.

Open the app, enter your mobile number and verify by submitting the OTP received.

Now enter some basic details such as name , gender etc.

Enter Fello App Referral Code 2008G7 to earn up to Rs. 200 per referral.

Fello App Referral Code

Now you can explore the app and start saving your money.

Fello Savings returns!

Fello gives you exactly 10 percent saving returns.

You will earn 10% returns on your savings whether you win a prize or not.


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