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Trade W App Review: The free demo account allows you to experience real trading in a risk-free environment.

Download Trade W

Through continuous practice in demo accounts, you can improve your investment skills.

Open your investing account, open an account with 0 fees, and learn to invest and trade online.

Trade W App Review

The maximum number of lots you can open per position varies depending on the market you’re trading on.

There are no specific limits for the number of lots you can keep open simultaneously. However, we only allow up to 20 active positions to be open at the same time.

The app’s iOS and PC/web versions are currently still under development and unavailable.

Is Trade W legal?

Trade W is licensed by ASIC in Australia and FSA in St Vincent and has a registered office in the appropriate country.

The company has many global customers, with a global customer service center in Australia to provide assistance to our customers.

If you need a tutorial on how to check on licenses, please click here(ASIC) and here (MSB).

Trade W Referral Code APK App Download

App Name Trade W
Trade W App download linkDownload
Trade W App Referral Code6092995
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Key Features of Trade W App







Trade W Sign-Up Process

Create your own investment account easily with just a few taps.

1. Click on the Download Trade W and download the app from play store.

   Download Trade W

2. Open the app and click on profile section at the bottom right.

Trade W App Review

3. Click on login/register button.

Trade W App Review

4. Login with your Gmail account. You can choose alternative option too.

Trade W App Review

5. Enter Trade W App Referral Code to get referral bonus 6092995 and discount on account opening.

Trade W Referral Code

6. Your account will be created and now you can start trading in real account.

How do make a withdrawal on Trade W App?

1. Click “MY” then “WITHDRAW”

Trade W App Review


2. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, and click WITHDRAW .Please make sure you have completed your ID verification and the available balance that can be withdrawn (free margin) is at least $10. A transaction fee of $1 will be charged for each withdrawal.

Withdrawals will be processed during work hours, Monday – Friday 9:00 – 18:00 (GMT+7).

Withdrawals requested on the weekends or outside of working hours may be subject to delays in processing and will be processed during the next working day.

Trade W App Registration Process

1. Click REGISTER on your application page.

2. Enter your email and a valid password. Your password should contain 6-15 characters, with a mix of numbers and letters (e.g.xyz123).

3. Select the correct Country/ Area.

4. Input your Trade W App referral code 6092995

5. Click Submit.

Important Terms to Understand on Trade W App


The account balance reflects the capital on your account excluding the profit/losses from your current open positions.


The equity reflects your balance + your floating profit /loss of your open positions.


The required equity that an investor must deposit to collateralize a position.

Free Margin

Free margin is the funds available for positions or withdrawals. It is calculated as: Free margin=Equity-Margin


The theoretical gain or loss on Open Positions valued at current market rates. Unrealized Gains’ or Losses become Profits/Losses when position is closed.

Margin Level

Margin Level is the ratio of equity to use margin, expressed as a percentage. This level is calculated as follows: Margin Level = (equity / margin) * 100%.

Trade W App Contact Information:


Landline: +357 25256551

Tradewill Global LLC is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, with register No. 1365 LLC 2021, and registered office at Hinds Building, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Krinou 3, Corner of Eleftherias- Elinas Court, Office 32, Agios Athanasions, Limassol, 4103, Cyprus.

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