Nolo App Referral Code Link: Win Big Prizes and Make Money

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Nolo App Referral Code Link

Imagine being rewarded for maintaining a good bank balance. 💸 Sounds exciting, right?

NOLO rewards you for your savings habit! Win big prizes and make money.

   Download Nolo App

With NOLO, you can earn tickets on your bank balance which further helps you win BIG. 🤑

👆 No money deposits or any fund transfers needed! And it’s a free app.

In this post, I will discuss another important way to earn real money online.

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You can do this just by using nolo app referral code and signing up and start earning some extra money.

NOLO APP Referral Code Link | NOLO App Download

App Name NOLO App
Nolo App download link
Nolo App Referral code 6t99xzum
Referral Program  Upto 250 Rs of your earning


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What is NOLO?

NOLO is India’s first app that rewards you on your bank balance!

No deposits or bank deductions from your account.

NOLO’s mission is to reward you for maintaining a good bank balance & therefore build a healthy savings habit.

NOLO Sign Up Process | NOLO Registration

1. Download the NOLO app by given link.

2. Open the app and click on Let’s Start.

3. Enter your mobile number.

Nolo App Referral Code Link

4. Enter the OTP received on your mobile number.

Nolo App Referral Code Link

5. Give first name, last name.

Nolo App Referral Code Link

6. Your account is now created. To receive reward in your bank account, add bank account from profile section.

Nolo App Referral Code Link


NOLO Refer & Earn

Now you can earn 25 NOLO tickets for each successful referral after using Nolo App Referral Code Link.

   Refer NOLO


Open NOLO App > Free Tickets or Refer & Earn.

Invite your friends on WhatsApp.

They must download the NOLO app using your Nolo App Referral Code Link.

When they claim their NOLO Tickets, you’ll also get 25 NOLO tickets.


Referral tickets will be added to your account within 7 days.

Once these tickets are added to your account, you need to claim them in the same week.

How to get NOLO Tickets?

Nolo App Referral Code Link

a) 1 ticket for each ₹1,000 in your bank accounts.
Maximum of 250 tickets per week based on your bank balance.

b) Get 25 tickets for each referral. Referral tickets will be added to your account within 7 days.

c) Get 25 bonus tickets on signing up.

Note – NOLO tickets can be claimed only once every week. If you don’t claim your tickets for any week, then you won’t be a part of that week’s contest.

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How NOLO Ticket works?

Nolo App Referral Code Link

You need to claim your free NOLO tickets every week to participate in the weekly contest.

The contest starts every Monday at 8 PM and the winners are announced on the following Sunday at 8 PM. Rewards include cash prizes, brand vouchers and more!

The rules are as follows:

a) Each ticket has 15 randomly placed numbers (ranging from 1 to 90) & once the contest begins, you can claim your tickets.

b) 3 random numbers ranging from 1 to 90 are revealed at 8 PM from Monday to Sunday and the revealed numbers get crossed out in your tickets automatically.

c) Based on how many and in what order the numbers are crossed in each ticket, cash rewards are distributed accordingly – Full House,1st Line, 2nd Line, 3rd Line, 4 corners etc. Please refer to the Prizes section to see how much you can win.

Note – The winners are announced live on our YouTube channel “NOLO TV” every Sunday at 8 PM.

How much can you win on NOLO App

Nolo App Referral Code Link

The prizes are as follows:

Prize Category Prize Money
Full House ₹1 Crore
Any 14 ₹10 Lakh
Any 13 ₹1 Lakh
Any 12 ₹1 Lakh
Any 11 ₹1 Lakh
First Line ₹25,000
Middle Line ₹25,000
Last Line ₹25,000
Four Corners ₹25,000
Any 7 ₹1

Important Note: Prizes are divided among winners from same prize category except Any 7.

Example 1: First Line prize money ⇒ ₹25,000 & if 100 tickets get First Line, then per ticket ₹250 would be distributed.

Example 2: Any 12 prize money ⇒ ₹1 Lakh & if 4 Tickets get Any 12, then per ticket ₹25000 would be distributed.

How to withdraw winnings on NOLO App?

The prize money can be withdrawn from your NOLO wallet. The pre-requisites are as follows:

a) Maintain a minimum of ₹250 before withdrawing.

b) Complete your KYC before the withdrawal.

c) TDS will be deduced if applicable.

Does NOLO take any deposits?

NOLO don’t take any deposits & have no hidden charges. We require read-only permission of SMS via user consent which we read bank balances based on transaction messages on your device.

Hence, based on your bank balance you will get free NOLO tickets to participate in the weekly contest.

Important Points-

  1. Warning – Never share your OTP with anyone. We will never ask you for any details via call or WhatsApp. NOLO App is our only touchpoint.
  2. No deposits require so there will be no money deduction from your bank account for any reason hence it is 100% safe & secure.
  3. For queries or help, you can reach us at:

How NOLO makes money?

Brands sponsorship

Cross-sell of other financial products

Does NOLO read your OTP?

According to NOLO, their systems completely respect your privacy.

App only read and process SMS’s that contain your bank balance information.

Nolo will never have any access to any of your OTPs. Nor does NOLO , or anyone associated with us ever ask you to share your OTP.

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