Fyp Card Review, Referral Code, Benefits & Charges

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Fyp Card Review, Referral Code, Benefits & Charges: Fyp is a money app and a prepaid debit card designed for teenagers and kids.

Fyp strives to empower them with financial literacy by providing financial tools to spend digitally, save up for goals and Invest Money in Stocks and ETF’s under parental guidance.

This app allows teenagers & kids to shop offline with a swipe or tap & pay feature, pay online with digital prepaid card number and transfer or ask for money from their family or friends easily.

Fyp Card Features:

Fyp Card Review

It helps zealous teens to get practical understanding of money management, budgeting, saving and making wiser expenditure decisions.

The aim is to transform payment methods from cash to digital for teenagers, so that they can become capable, financially literate and future ready.

With user-friendly interface and top-notch safety, it’s extremely easy for parents and teens to use this app and make secure payments smoothly without any hassle.

Get ready to experience a seamless way of money management.

Join the Fyp family via completing KYC verification and get a chance to win the Fyp prepaid card.

Fyp Card Charges

There is no fee to open the account or maintain a zero balance.

However, you will be charged for ATM withdrawals and for using the card for payments. The ATM withdrawal fee is ₹20 + applicable taxes.

Card payment fee is 0.5% + applicable taxes.

Fyp Card Benefits

Fyp Card Review

Fyp card offers several benefits to its users such as

Tap and Pay,

Personalizing the card with any name

Mission feature where parents can create a custom mission and assign it to any Fyp user,

Refer and Earn program where you will get ₹50 once your referred person

Ability to make online and offline payments without any worries,

Reward points on transactions and save them to use later,

Spend analysis feature to

Keep an eye on your expenditure, and the ability to send, receive and analyze money with no hassle anywhere in India with unmatched benefits.

Is Fyp Card free

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