IDFC Credit Card Apply Online : Zero Joining & Annual Fees

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In this blog, we will learn how to apply for an IDFC credit card online. IDFC has different variants of credit cards, and every credit card has lots of different features.

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Variants of IDFC Credit Cards:

  • FIRST Wealth

IDFC Credit Card Apply Online


  • FIRST Millennia

IDFC Credit Card Apply Online

  • FIRST Classic

IDFC Credit Card Apply Online

  • FIRST Select


IDFC Credit Card Apply Online

Click on the below link to apply for different variants of IDFC Credit Card.

   Apply IDFC Credit Card

Reward with IDFC Cards:

Pay Instantly with Reward Points

Pay instantly for any online transaction with your Credit Card Reward Points and for offline transactions too, at select merchants.

  • Get gift cards or memberships of your favourite brands.
  • Check out our unique Credit Card Reward Redemption Catalogue page for updates

Reward points that never expire!

Earn forever and Redeem anytime, anywhere with IDFC FIRST Bank credit cards

  • 10X Reward Points on monthly spends of above ₹ 20,000 for Millennia & Select | ₹ 25,000 for Select |₹ 30,000 for Wealth
  • 6X Reward Points for online purchases
  • 3X Reward Points at offline store purchases

Eligibility :

To acquire the card, you must meet specific credit card eligibility parameters. The most important ones include:

  1. You must be at least 21 years old.
  2. You must be an Indian citizen.
  3. You must have a healthy credit score.
  4. Your credit usage ratio must be within an acceptable level.

How to Apply for IDFC Credit Card Online :

You can apply for an IDFC FIRST Bank credit card on our website. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you apply for the credit card you need:

  • Head to the IDFC FIRST Bank website
  • Visit the credit card page
  • Browse through and select the credit card suited for your needs and lifestyle
  • Click on ‘Apply Now’ to apply online for your credit card
  • Enter your basic details, such as your name, age, address, and employment details
  • Once these details are filled, you may complete the online application by giving your consent online
  • Your credit card application will then be processed and verified internally by the bank
  • Once it is approved, you will instantly receive your virtual credit card to view in the IDFC FIRST Mobile Banking App
  • And your physical credit card plastic will be delivered within 4-5 working days
  • Alternatively, if you already have an IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card offer, then you can also log into the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app to apply for the credit card.

Benefits of IDFC Credit Card :

IDFC FIRST Bank best credit cards are packed with many benefits that enhance your living and travelling experience. The best benefits you can avail include:

  1. Lifestyle benefits – You can get discounts on shopping, dining, movies, and even complimentary golf rounds every month.
  2. Travel benefits – Benefits that it your perfect travel companion; like complimentary domestic and international airport lounge access, low forex markup, Interest-free cash withdrawals at any ATM across the world.
  3. Other benefits – Some of the other benefits include no joining or annual fees, lowest interest rates, up to 10X rewards on all purchases, easy EMIs, in-app online credit card discounts, discounts on health and wellness outlets, etc.
  4. Joining Benefits

    • Welcome vouchers worth ₹500 on spending ₹15,000 or more in the first 90 days of credit card generation
    • 5% cashback of up to ₹1000 on first EMI transaction done within 90 days of credit card generation
  5. Exciting discounts on Movie Tickets

IDFC Credit Card Apply Online

  • ‘Buy one, get one’ offer on movie tickets up to ₹500 on Paytm mobile app (valid twice per month) on FIRST Wealth Credit Card
  • ‘Buy one, get one’ offer on movie tickets up to ₹250 on Paytm mobile app (valid twice per month) on FIRST Select Credit Card
  • 25% discount on movie tickets up to ₹100 (valid once per month) – on FIRST Millennia & FIRST Classic Credit Card

Fees of IDFC Credit Cards

Zero Joining Fee

Usually, joining fees is charged, with a waiver only on minimum spends criteria. At IDFC FIRST Bank, credit cards are Lifetime Free with no joining fees and no conditions applied.

Zero Annual Fees

Usually, you will be asked for annual, with waiver only on minimum spend criteria.

  • IDFC FIRST Bank credit cards offer a Lifetime Free feature i.e., with no annual fees requirements and no conditions applied.

IDFC Credit Card Limit :

Every credit card has a maximum expense limit that the cardholder can consume.

The maximum expense limit is known as the credit card limit or simply the ‘credit limit’. The credit limit can vary depending on the credit card type, the individual’s credit history, and the issuing bank.

IDFC FIRST Bank offers several credit cards with exclusive reward points that don’t expire, offers, and exclusive benefits.

You can choose a suitable card based on your requirements. Click here to explore the credit cards offered by IDFC FIRST Bank.

Other Important Features of IDFC Credit Card :

  1. Lifetime access to your card free of charge
  2. Low credit card interest rates
  3. Cashbacks and rewards as high as 10X with credit card payments
  4. Cash withdrawals from any ATMs around the world
  5. Option to split your payments into easy EMIs
  6. Complimentary domestic and international airport lounge accesses
  7. Low forex markup for your international purchases
  8. Instant discounts on movies, gadgets, travel, grocery and more

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